Our History

Seth Bullock & Sol Star:

Late 1800 photo of Seth Bullock with his business partner, Sol Star and an unidentified man on a bridge over the Redwater River, in or near Belle Fourche. Bullock owned the land upon which this office is built until December 30, 1889, just a few months after statehood was granted to South Dakota. Photo courtesy of the Adams Museum & House, Inc., Deadwood, South Dakota.

Cade & Overpeck Land and Abstract Company:

October 1903 photo of the founders of the Cade & Overpeck Land and Abstract Company in this office building. Tyler S. Overpeck (left) and Emmett A. Cade (right) specialized in helping homesteaders “prove up” their claims during the early 1900s. The safe behind Mr. Cade remains in the front of our office building.

The Sundance Kid

Photograph of VVV Ranch cowboys taken in front of this office in 1906. The VVV Ranch gained notoriety when Henry Longabaugh stole a horse from the ranch in 1887. After incarceration for this offense in Sundance, Wyoming, Mr. Longabaugh became known as The Sundance Kid. In 1908, two years after this photo, Dan McCutchen started practicing law in this building. A law firm has been in this building ever since.

Dan McCutchen, The First Law Office:

Early 1900s photo of Dan McCutchen in his “old office” at the Hampton Hotel. The Hampton was located in downtown Belle Fourche. The chest of drawers behind Dan is still used today in our office building.